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Re: Dexter - The Final Season (Spoiler Discussion)

That was a pretty good opener. I wish that they just picked up after LaGuerta's murder, as I would have enjoyed seeing Deb and Dexter cope with the fallout. It seems a bit of a cheat that it's six months later, especially since Batista won't be continuing with LaGuerta's case. He just obliviously ripped up those warrants, and didn't even seem bothered by Dexter's comments about how she died because she wouldn't leave things alone.

But then the police in Dexter have always been incompetent, as that would get in the way of him doing his thing.

Despite this, I totally loved Deb's spiral into despair. For someone who has always been so uptight with her own moral code, I found it believable for her to be muddying the lines between being undercover and actually living in desperation. Her cries of her deserving to be in such a state were so sad.

I was immediately suspicious of the new Dr. Vogel, as her and Dexter kept glancing each other in an obviously subtle way. But then I was happy with the twist that she knows who Dexter really is. I imagine she has a big role to play in his final arc, and I eagerly await it.

Quinn remains as pointless as ever.
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