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Re: JoeD's TOS rambling review thread

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One does get the feeling of Sulu being a bit of a layabout. Later episodes stated that he's just a guy with eclectic interests. In The Naked Time he's singing the praises of fencing, and in Shore Leave he professes an interest in antique handguns. I've always figured his botany here is just another one of those personal interests.
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Sulu's constantly changing hobbies were originally supposed to be a kind of running gag for his character, but the idea was dropped or ignored after the first few episodes.
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looking at previous posts, totally agree Uhura seems to be chatting Spock up, and again seems to be flirting in Charlie X. Shes a great character in this showing a terrific feisty and fun persona.
I'm trying to pay special attention to how well the characters are defined in each episode.

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One thing I like very much about this episode is its somewhat eerie musical score, thanks to the use of an electric violin. This supports and enhances the whole feel of the episode, IMHO.
Ah so that's what that was! I did like the music changes synchronized with camera changes.

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I always assumed it was spelled Wrigley's, like the gum. You know -- "double your pleasure, double your fun . . ."
I like it.

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Meanwhile, Crater and the creature suggest the very thing that would be entertained in later times: keep it fed, talk to it. It's obviously intelligent and rational and isn't malicious. It was trying to survive as it knew how.
And yet it killed Crater in the very next scene, I suppose because it felt stronger feelings from McCoy at that point.

Mario de Monti wrote: View Post
ssosmcin wrote: View Post
The Man Trap is pretty close to what passed for the average SF show of the day: man vs creepy monster.
And that is exactly why it was selcted by the network as the premiere episode, IIRC.
The idea I got from Inside Star Trek was that NBC really wanted to push the "strange new worlds" concept, and "Man Trap" fit the bill closest of the completed episodes.

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"its not a bad life, and you win all the arguments " - now think about their sex life ( or for your sanity, don't)
The thought had crossed my mind when Kirk said that.

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but she takes a bite out of his celery and puts the rest back on his plate!
Ha yeah thought that was funny.

Well I was on vacation to the San Francisco for a bit but I am back now so I am going to watch more tonight!
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