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Re: Microsoft planning complete reversal of DRM policy for Xbox One

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Why is it that executives of companies with widely-known failed/troubled products never seem to have problems landing new executive-level positions at other companies? Shouldn't they...I dunno...go back to CEO school or something? Or maybe start over, cleaning out the trash cans or working in the mail room? Does nobody bother to actually read the resume...or watch the news???
It's because once you work at this level you are usually pretty well connected and the more bullshit/spin you can spew the more you can screw up and still remain part of that circle.

You also don't really apply for these jobs.. you just call up a few people you know and tell them you're looking to move on and find new challenges.. basic resumes or HR interviews don't apply.

So you have to screw up multiple times and spectacularly with no possibility to reassign blame to someone else before you get evicted from the elite group but usually at this point you will be a multimillionaire so the blow may not be as hard (even softer if your severance pay is generous).
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