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Re: William T. Riker - Character Assassination or Praise

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Riker was pretty much the lynch pin in the TNG command clique. If you're fortunate enough to be a member of their circle, everything's great. But if you're an outsider, such as Barclay, Ro, Shelby, Jellico, Lavelle and so forth he's in full condescending jerk mode. Even with his clone... well the second one. He killed the first one.
This has come up a lot lately. Riker was the worst example, but it seemed like the entire senior staff (minus Picard) had this problem to a lesser degree. They didn't treat outsiders well, and none of them seemed to have any friends away from Enterprise. Contrast that with Sisko's bunch, who had friends everywhere, and it's not hard to see why almost none of the TNG crew had assignments elsewhere during their careers (around the time of TNG's run). Only Crusher and Worf had other postings. When Riker finally left, he took Troi with him (and several other Enterprise crew members).

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