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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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I really think GR was on to something with his ideas about enlightened humanity. Not as an end goal, but as a process that's been going on for millennia and will continue into the future.
I think it's fair that Roddenberry wanted to advance a goal for human development, but the settings and the restrictions placed on dramatic presentation leave many questions about what it all means and how we get there. I wouldn't find it surprising that the smartest, most talented humans, who have been incorporated into a disciplined uniform service, would represent the best qualities of humanity: the same could be said, more or less, of the graduates of Annapolis or Harvard today. Add to that that these people work exclusively those who share their values. Everyone on a starship would be tolerant: they would be selected to be tolerant. However, life isn't such a rarified organization that can move on to new locations after a few days.
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