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Re: William T. Riker - Character Assassination or Praise

Riker was pretty much the lynch pin in the TNG command clique. If you're fortunate enough to be a member of their circle, everything's great. But if you're an outsider, such as Barclay, Ro, Shelby, Jellico, Lavelle and so forth he's in full condescending jerk mode. Even with his clone... well the second one. He killed the first one.

He's a competent officer, but he does carry a lot of baggage as demonstrated with his daddy issues, frequent womanizing and his all but idolizing of Picard. Gotta agree with BillJ and Sran, he'd have been much more fondly remembered if he took a command and just showed up in a guest role in the last three seasons, but that wasn't going to happen even if it would've made sense in the Trekverse.
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