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Re: Drexler's Bring Enterprise To Netflix Campaign

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Enterprise is too expensive for Netflix, its a simple as that. It's 3 original shows now are a fraction of the cost of what Enterprise would be to make. CBS is not going to return to the past, it will make a new Star Trek series at some point that may or may not reference past Trek.
House of Cards cost a reported $100 million to produce two seasons worth of episodes (two season of 13, I believe). That isn't chump change.

Of course, that's a prestige show with a motion picture director (David Fincer) and two major motion picture actors (Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright) participating in it. A new season of Enterprise wouldn't warrant the same level of investment.
'fraction' may not have been the best term, but its still going to be higher to produce than those existing shows.

100 mill divided by 26 episodes is 3.8 mill. Enterprise (adding a 7 year inflation rate or so) would be about 5 mill on average per episode. Thats about 130 million or so.

That said, the episode number could be reduced, also there could be partnering and distribution agreements that could help offset the cost. Netflix would not want to shoulder that cost alone.
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