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Re: The Killing (Seasons 1-3)

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I've watched a few more episodes--still enjoying it, but it does feel like the story is being stretched. I don't know why the councilman is still in the show, or why we have to sit through scenes of him rolling his chair onto an elevator or losing control of his bladder. Now that he's been cleared, I'm not sure why he's still on the show.
The councilman's story was without question the weakest in season 1. I would say more negative stuff about it but it might be spoilery.
Still enjoying it... I just watched episode 5 of season two.
Stick with it, the ending is kick-ass.
Is season three still enjoyable (for those that are watching)?
Yes, especially since Holder and Linden are getting more screen time together. This season is structured a bit differently, but they are working their way to the heart of Linden's problems, I think.
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