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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

@ 137th Gebirg

The hyperbaric chamber from "The Lights of Zetar" is on Deck 5, mostly because they entered the "doctor's office" through the "exam room door" which matched the strange directors' choices in "Amok Time" (and, if you prefer, "The Changeling"). Because of the director-inflicted mis-alignment between main corridor and sickbay studio set and the lack of accomodation space elsewhere, I saw no other choice.

The "decompression chamber" from "Space Seed" had a significantly different alignment. Because of the final changes and to make sense of the A-frame corridors in "The Naked Time" (the corridor to the Engineering Control Room is not the same as the one outside Medical Ward 4 in this Episode!) it has moved to Deck 5, but you don't see it in the current draft (I thought it could be on Deck 7 but I was wrong). It will be featured on Deck 5 in either a future draft revision or the final CAD deck plans.

In "Space Seed" the medical ward with the chamber is on Deck 5, Briefing Room 2 on Deck 6 and the engine room on Deck 7. This is also compliant with the movement of the characters in this episode (I also tried to make sense of the characters' movement throughout these deck plan drafts ).

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