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Re: TOS Enterprise Interiors -- Unreal 3 Engine

Not to hijack Donny's thread, but here's a bit more information for those who haven't ventured over o the Star Trek Phase II web site:

There is a prop (well, a series of props) that is used often in SIck Bay. Generally they are just set decorations in the background. But once in a while they actually get used. They are boring ol' trigger sprayers--which actualy were invented in the early '60s--so they were cutting edge at the time.
We saw them quite a few times. Here they are, in order:

"The Enemy Within" (next to Dr. McCoy):

"The Enemy Within" (in McCoy's supply cabinet):

"The Man Trap" (next to Lieutenant Sulu):

...and a couple more way over on the back wall:

"The Naked Time:"

"Charlie X" (in McCoy's cabinet):

"Dagger of the Mind" (in McCoy's cabinet):

"The Conscience of the King" (in McCoy's cabinet):

...and when Lenore Karidian places some Tetralubisol in Lieutenant Kevin Reilly's milk (in probably the second best view we get of one of these things):

"The Alternative Factor" (in McCoy's cabinet):

"Space Seed" (carried by a nurse on a surgical tray):

...and in McCoy's cabinet, here:

...and here:

"Operation--Annihilate!" (during the operation on Mister Spock's back):

...and on the credenza in the Sick Bay Ward Room:

...and again:

"Mirror, Mirror:"

"The Deadly Years" (carried on a surgical tray):

...and over by Elaine Johnson's bed:

"Journey to Babel" (on the credenza):

...and on a small table on the back wall in the Sick Bay Exam Room:

"A Private Little War" (in probably the best shot):

"The Immunity Syndrome" (by the far bed):

"By Any Other Name" (hard to see--over on the instrument stand):

"Return to Tomorrow" (on the back counter in the Lab behind Nurse Chapel):

"Elaan of Troyius" (in their final appearance--and one and only appearance in the third season):

So, they aren't much to look at, but here are some Trek-appropriate trigger spray bottles that I picked up. I picked up about twenty of them, I think. Here are three--in "grape," "cherry,"and "orange.:
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