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Re: Intrepid Updates

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That is Bodo and David, Lennier.

Mike, thanks, glad you didn't find it too preachy.
That was ultimately the problem I had with Phase II's "Blood and Fire". I was not offended by it, nor did I have any serious complaints about the production values. To me you simply run into problems when you have a "gay story". How do you make the point without someone (figuratively speaking) jumping up and down and yelling "I'm gay!!!!".

Speaking only for myself, I long ago came to accept the idea that gays are part of the fabric of my universe and will continue to be a part of the fabric of any future universe. Calling attention to that without being preachy is going to be difficult. I admire Phase II for having the guts to try, even if I feel that some aspects were overdone. I admire Intreprid's willingness to underplay that particular scene. Sometimes it takes as much courage to be subtle as it does to be overt.
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