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Re: Roger Dean sues over movie Avatar

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Any idiot knows that you can't copyright an idea, only execution. That's what this is about - actual copying of multiple images/structures/markings and admission of same. Not an accident, not an homage, not a coincidence, willful wrongdoing. Something Cameron's done before and lost that lawsuit.
Lots of perfectly smart people don't know anything about copyright law, so calm the hell down.

As for your glaring bias, one person's "homage" is very often another person's "outright theft." Were you in the room to hear Cameron instructing his artists to take inspiration from Dean's work, along with the look of actual mountains? Did you hear him saying to trace specific shapes and outlines? Or are you taking one litigant's perspective at face value and then some?

Moreoever, why would Cameron tell his artists to copy Dean's shapes directly, instead of taking inspiration from them and photos of the aforementioned landscapes? Why would he go out of his way in such a manner to open himself up to charges of theft? Because he's a cackling cartoon supervillain?

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Folks here will remember that Harlan sued Cameron for plagiarism and won.
"Settling out of court" is not synonymous with "winning" a lawsuit.

I sense much anger in you.
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