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Re: Future of the "Terminator" Franchise (Discussion, Rumors, Spoilers

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The Terminator franchise is Arnie. If he's not there playing a Terminator then I'm out.
That's ridiculous. Plenty of films have been rebooted without the actor who made the role/series initially famous.
And how many of them were any good?
I seem to recall Christian Bale's Batman being extremely popular, despite Michael Keaton being known for the role, and it brought him success. In fact, I remember how disappointing it was that he wasn't back for the third film, replaced by Val Kilmer in that dud of a movie.

Star Trek (oh yeah, this is the forum for that franchise!) has been massively successful, despite what some folks here think. Shatner is nowhere to be seen.

Other reboots are basically remakes of older movies or foreign movies, and done really well, but that doesn't really count as far as this discussion. Maybe something like Ocean's 11, but a lot of younger folks probably haven't seen the Rat Pack version.
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