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Re: World War Z ratings/spoilers

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Another thing I thought was ridiculous --though this is a flaw of the novel as well-- is that there is just no way in this day and age off mass global media that a zombie plague could spread around the world and still take people by surprise as they're sitting in their cars in Philadelphia. Look at how the media reacts to SARS, Bird Flu, Mad Cow, and every other disease that pops up every few years and then tell me they wouldn't be all over a zombie outbreak in India and Korea like flies on shit within five minutes. Hell, one guy on drugs in Florida went cannibal and that was national news for a couple weeks and spawned all kinds of exaggerated spin-off stories.
If I recall correctly the book solves this problem by placing the initial outbreak in China The Chinese government hides the cases from the media, in rural provinces which they close. By the time it gets out of control and spreads to the US - the book suggests that the President and/or the governent hides the problem by suggesting that they have a cure - a faux cure - and the public is pacified until after the election - and until it gets out of control in Yonkers - which as you say is a major tipping point in the war in the US and isn't covered in the movie.

Also the book has the US Government moving operations to Hawaii and the government being run off an aircraft carrier. Hawaii obviously being a landmass that is easy to contain the virus on.

BTW - the Walking Dead I'd think has an even bigger problem with the media and spreading problem in terms of it being a believable scenario because the zombies aren't even as fast moving.

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With regard to how the virus spread when the infection is so quick, I thought there was a throwaway line about how 5% of infected take a while to turn, presumably they're the ones spreading it? Still doesn't quite hold true, but at least partly explains it.
Now that you mention it there is a very brief line of dialogue IIRC in the bunker in Korea - where one solider says it takes up to a day for people to turn and Pitt disagrees and says it's a matter of seconds. In otherwords circumstances have changed on how fast the virus changes people.

The reasonable solution to the problem is the virus has mutated as it has spread.

I'll repeat what I said earlier. I wish more people would give this film a chance. For all films this summer the competition has been fierce though.

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