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Re: World War Z ratings/spoilers

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Kirk would have still have been brain dead. So those are amazing nanites.
I didn't say they were nanites, I said they were probably cells in the blood that worked similar to the concept of using nanites to repair other damaged cells.

As far as brain death goes, it's the 23rd century, I'm sure Bones has some means to keep oxygen flowing to the brain and keep electrical activity going, he just needed a way to repair the radiation damaged cells. Hence the blood.

The point is IMO that I lilked both films and it seems odd that a suspension of disbelief for Khan's magic blood isn't farfetched whereas superfast zomibes wouldn't attack sick humans is.
They're totally different genres, set in totally different eras, with totally different medical conditions and technology at play. It just seems like you would compare it to other zombie/outbreak genre films before you went so far afield.

A cougar can travel at 45 MPH and as they pointed out in the film likely wouldn't attack sick prey.
Cougars are typically more ambush predators than sprinters, and they and other big cats prey on the sick, the old, the young, and the weak all the time because they're easier to kill, but that's beside the point. Was that really the example they used in the film? Because that's completely wrong if it was. I don't recall exactly what they said though, though.

Regardless in both Trek and Z - it's both fiction. I liked both films. Did you like Z?
It was fairly entertaining in the first two sections, though I thought it fell totally flat in the (most important) third act of the film once they left Jerusalem. Judging the film on its own merits and without comparing it to the book, which still bugs me, because they were just piggybacking on the name recognition while carrying over almost nothing that made the book unique or engrossing; but just for the film on it's own I'd give it a grade of "B-".

Another thing I thought was ridiculous --though this is a flaw of the novel as well-- is that there is just no way in this day and age off mass global media that a zombie plague could spread around the world and still take people by surprise as they're sitting in their cars in Philadelphia. Look at how the media reacts to SARS, Bird Flu, Mad Cow, and every other disease that pops up every few years and then tell me they wouldn't be all over a zombie outbreak in India and Korea like flies on shit within five minutes. Hell, one guy on drugs in Florida went cannibal and that was national news for a couple weeks and spawned all kinds of exaggerated spin-off stories.

Just like slow moving zombie not being able to be easily destroyed by the military, I guess it's a conceit of the genre that you just have to live with in order to justify the threat becoming global, but it's just so silly when they seem to forget that the media even exists.

I did appreciate that this film actually tackled the mass outbreak itself again, though, instead of just skipping to the aftermath by having the protagonist in a coma or something, as some other recent zombie/outbreak films/shows do.
- There are stories about what happened.
- It's true. All of it. TNZ, Hulk, ModMan. They're real.
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