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Equinox is probably my least favorite Voyager episode ever.

I'm not saying episodes like Tattoo, Favorite Son, and Threshold weren't worse. Threshold is probably the actual worst.
I just personally really dislike the way they portrayed Janeway in Equinox.

It's just not an episode I tend to rewatch.

And I am a J/Cer so I hate the fighting bits between those two.
It's one of my favorites because I just love it when Starfleet stops acting like Starfleet and goes rogue. Also was a big fan of John Savage from seeing him on Dark Angel which I watched before this episode. Usually when Starfleet goes rogue it's some ivory tower admiral that we don't relate to, seeing Ransom as a captain stuck in the same place as Janeway only in worse straits was great stuff.
I DO like seeing Starfleet go rogue!

But...J/C fighting...can' it... AHHHH.

Also Janeway is scary at some parts. And I love Janeway. Although I like pissed off Janeway too. During some bits she had crazy eyes!! lol
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