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Re: TOS Enterprise Interiors -- Unreal 3 Engine


I like the color scheme. I like that you carried over the yellow table-top motif over to the new door.

In all these shots, Donny, on both the Examination Room side, and the Ward Room side, I'm feeling like it's a tiny bit dark--like we are in Sick Bay on the night shift. I might pop up the lighting a tiny bit--but I'm not really sure how this gets rendered in-game, so maybe the lighting is actually perfect. But my feeling as I sit and look at in on my monitor is that it's a little dark.

I like that innocuous back corner of that room. It's filled out nicely without drawing too much attention to itself. The only thing I might do differently is to swap out that new blinky computer display you've added and replace it with the display of the antique surgical tools from "Space Seed." (I realize that it probably actually lived where that third bed now is, but I think more people will be saying "Ooo, lets look at all those surgical inststruments" more than they will be saying "Ooooo, let's look at yet another blinky computer display."

I think I might add some under the counter panels/details on the new desk you added, just like are on the credenza under the glass cabinet.

I might stack up some slightly darker contrasting towels over on the credenza (like, I think, in "Babel"). I might also put a Sulu-, Kevin Riley-, or David Garrovick-esque meal tray next to one of the beds.

Lastly, I might swap out the one instrument trays you have over on the credenza with one of the oblong instrument trays.

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