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Re: World War Z ratings/spoilers

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Well, I commend you for moving beyond ST: Nemesis as the only movie you ever compare any other movie's implausibilities to, but you know there are like, hundreds of thousands of other movies out there other than Star Trek films to serve as a basis for comparison, right? Branch out a bit.
Ah, Locutus - since both films came out within 1 month of each other - I think Trek or not - it's a fair example.

People make a big deal out of the whole magic blood thing, but I don't find it all that bad. It's not even in the top twenty worst technobabble items in Trek. If you can genetically engineer someone to the degree they did with Khan, I don't think giving them some kind of self-repairing cells seem that far-fetched. Sort of like a biological equivalent of molecular scale nanites to repair damaged cells and internal organs.
Kirk would have still have been brain dead. So those are amazing nanites.

The point is IMO that I lilked both films and it seems odd that a suspension of disbelief for Khan's magic blood isn't farfetched whereas superfast zomibes wouldn't attack sick humans is.

A cougar can travel at 45 MPH and as they pointed out in the film likely wouldn't attack sick prey. A suspension of disbelief would suggest that the virus also enhances humans ability to smell even thought that isn't in the dialogue. Problem solved

Regardless in both Trek and Z - it's both fiction. I liked both films. Did you like Z?

bbailey861 wrote: View Post
I'm glad to say it did entertain and I didn't think it sucked at all. I enjoyed the movie; Pitt did a good job as did his supporting characters - especially his eventual Israeli sidekick, and I enjoyed the SFX.
Agreed after all the negative press Z got - it actually is an entertaning film. People should give it a chance.

One thing I thought I'd be disappointed in was the scene where the zombies were trying to climb the wall. While it was obvious that the scene was computer generated the way it played out didn't end up being cheesy as some expected it might.
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