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Re: TOS Enterprise Interiors -- Unreal 3 Engine

Here's the screenshots of the Intensive Care Ward Room I promised...

First, thanks to GSchnitzer, I was able to correctly remodel this table:

Here's a shot from the examination room looking into the Intensive Care Ward, just to give a sense of connectivity...

The door jamb...with the intercom on the "Space Seed" side...(reference)

Typical views...

Here's what I did to the "unseen" side of the ward room. I feel this solution is simple, yet effective. It doesn't imply that there was ever much more to the room than what we see on film, such as any number of additional beds. It also adds a high-tech element by re-using the panel from the exam room, and allows space for the desk that was seen in these three reference shots from "The Naked Time": Reference 1, Reference 2, Reference 3

Lastly, here are two wide-angle shots to give a better feel of the overall dimensions of the room:

I mixed a few elements from all three season, but to me this room still has a very Season 3 feel to it, keeping with the already established rule of thumb for the project. I used the well remembered bright, green/purple lighting scheme we see in "Journey To Babel" (more pronounced in my rendition's entrance corner) and the darker, greener scheme we see in "The Tholian Web" (more pronounced in my rendition's conjectural corner).

Let me know what you guys think! And also, if I have missed any details, please let me know.

[EDIT]By the way, I have made two small changes since taking the screen caps. There is a shadow/lighting error I corrected beneath the cloths on the long table below the cabinet. I also adjusted the position of the red-alert indicator above the conjectural door so that it is now centered.

Also, the distortion effect of the corrugated glass cabinet is much more pronounced than these screenshots let on. The effect is drastically reduced when I take these screenshots at a super-high resolution (4 times larger than 1920x1080), which I do for quality purposes. Unfortunately, some effects do not translate well in the end, for whatever reason (real-time reflections are hindered by this as well).
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