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Re: Dexter - The Final Season (Spoiler Discussion)

Pretty good season opener. Everything with Deb and Dex was gold as usual. I kinda groaned a bit at the prospect of yet another foil right in Dexter's trail, but the final scene completely turned that around and got me totally hooked on that plot.

Quinn and Jaime? That's just so random.

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That being said, aside from Rampling's alluring performance, I'm not that interested in yet another person who is fascinated by Dexter and who he truly is. Hopefully they'll play with her character differently from her "predecessors."
I don't think she's fascinated by him. Judging from the pictures and her mentioning Harry's Code, I get the feeling, that she was in on this from the beginning.
Hell, maybe Harry went to her for help first and she put that entire damn idea in his head in the first place?
So, if Harry was the Bay Harbor Butcher's father, she might be his mother (not in the literal sense, of course).
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