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Re: Highest Ranking Woman?

Pike himself, in theory, could have been a mere Star Fleet lieutenant in command of the ship, who was addressed as Captain because that's the custom and courtesy of these situations.
While this is somewhat unappealing as such, it's neat and tidy in that it preserves the rank braid system. That is, it would be odd for the system to jump back and forth between various models when we see it follow the later TOS/TMP standard back in ST:XI prologue already. It's bad enough that it jumps between the braid and pip systems... But then again, there's only one such jump in the history of the UFP Starfleet, and the fact that the United Earth Starfleet used the pips previously need not be significant.

the one Earth woman who wanted to be a starship captain
Did she, though? She hated it that she couldn't be part of Kirk's world, but becoming a starship captain never appeared to feature in her life plans at all. It's just something she later had to endure as part of her body-swapping scheme to exact her vengeance on Kirk.

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