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Re: Roger Dean sues over movie Avatar

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It's also entirely possible he waited too long to bring this claim (I think there's a three year statute of limitations).
Yes and no. With plagiarism, as long as it's ongoing, as in this case where Avatar is still being shown and sold, the three year 'clock' for the statute wouldn't even have started yet.

- Sunday, June 30 2013 14:44:26

IN THE WORLD !!!!!!!!

Please make it go viral, if you can, that HARLAN ELLISON IS READY TO TESTIFY FOR ROGER DEAN in his plagiarism lawsuit against James Cameron. Please refresh Roger's memory that I have been in his place, same guy, same allegation, and that I won...with smoking gun in Mr. Cameron's mouth, along with his foot. I have no animus toward Cameron, but he really must stop stealing from his betters.

Please, anyone, get to Roger or his legal staff, and at least have them become aware of this vital litigious history!

I have great fondness for Roger Dean and the immaculate originality of his work. The moment I saw AVATAR I recognized the breaking&entering of the Dean Sacrament.

Any help will be appreciated. This suit has been long in the coming.

Yr. Pal, Harlan
Folks here will remember that Harlan sued Cameron for plagiarism and won.

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