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Re: "Is Battlestar Galactica in Suspended Animation?"

As to KGator's first point, rewatch the "second pilot," aka the first regular series episode. Being wrong about that, it follows the rest is wrong.

The original series was Lorne Greene as Space Brigham Young leading the faithful to their new homeland. This is not a notably dark premise. They immediately land on a casino planet to face the temptation of the fleshpots they left behind. Etc. This was a bunch of hooey on a par with the von Daeniken premises of Stargate, except that the Stargate producers were too smart to take their premises too seriously, and ended up with action-comedy. What the original series did do well was the Starbuck/Apollo/Athena relationships. Personally I'd still rate Dr. Smith/the Robot/Will relationships from Lost in Space higher.
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