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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

Yeah, this week's was kind of meh. The election storyline is starting to remind me a bit of BSG's presidential election and I get the feeling that if Datak wins we're going to get a Defiance version of the New Caprica storyline with the town essentially under E-REP occupation. And in a shocking twist (note the sarcasm) we learn Stahma was playing Kenya all along.

While I get everything with Alak's friend getting shot by Nolan was all part of Datak's plan to discredit him and make Amanda look bad resulting in Datak winning the election and probably have someone from E-REP tak over the town's law enforcement, I don't buy that it would be so easy to vilify Nolan. After all, in real life if the security forces at an election rally spotted someone with what looked like a sniper rifle, they would shoot first and ask questions later. Especially if they had intel suggesting someone was going to make an attempt to kill the candidates. While it's unfortunate and tragic that this would-be assassin was really just a kid with a paintball gun planning a stupid prank, it is clear Nolan reacted in a justifiable and appropriate manner.

And so, Irisa's destiny is somehow tied into the mysterious alien artifact left behind by ancient astronauts. To be honest, I', just not interested in the artifact anymore.
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