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Re: What are you reading?

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Just finished Pratchett's The Fifth Elephant and considering which one to read next... Unseen Academicals is the one I think... I 'discovered' Pratchett relatively late in life so there's a lot of Discworld I still haven't read
What is the whole Discworld series about? I've heard of it but I don't understand.
Wikipedia: Discworld.

But, that's a very long article

Basically, though, the Discworld series are fantasy stories that happen in a medieval/renaissance'ish world where everything we, here on Earth, would call folklore is reality -with a twist.

Magic is real and treated like any other scholarly subject, Dwarves live underground in their mines, Death is a cloaked skeleton with a scythe (he's one of my favourite characters), vampires go to meetings and learn a twelve-step program, 'Rock-music' is about banging rocks together (something trolls are good at )...

any help?

Basically: pick up any Discworld novel and read a couple of random pages... either you're hooked or you'll know it's not for you!
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