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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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Even if it's not forbidden the relationship is always going to be challenging. It's not easy being in love with a Vulcan.
I just saw this fanart .. how appropriate


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I also advise you to read star fleet academy: the novel series. While the series is not canon. it does shed light on the S/U relationship when she was still his students.

The series also develops the friendship between
kirk/McCoy/Uhura and we also get to see the very first time kirk considered having sex with Galia. (uhura's roommate)

I actually loved the series. it just had that college feel to it and yes Kirk was the big man on campus.

I hope we get a new novel this year.
I've read them too, they're good

Novels and comics sort of contradict each other a bit when it comes to the origins of the S/U relationship.
In the novels it's implied that they get together when she could still be one of his students after they had been friends for years (the first novels= friends last novel= get together). They also start to be intimate sooner than in the comics (though nothing is explicit, there is only one hint of that and it's subtle)
In the comics they start to date when she no longer is one of his students (but you can assume that like in the novels they had been friends before that and attracted to each other, they just wait for the right time to start dating) and they sleep together months later. He firstly wants to get inside her mind with the emafa kito (a mind touch performed between couples per vulcan courtship rituals)
I think though you can still link both versions and make your own headcanon based on both. The comics only showed some flashbacks because their format doesn't allow more than that, the novels on the other hand give to the author the chance to make you see more of the characters.
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