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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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In order for the Spock/Uhura romance to be interesting to me it either has to be forbidden eg Starfleet or Vulcan bans it or tragic where say Spock has to make a decision between duty/Kirk and Uhura. Otherwise its just going to be pedestrian/realistic like Keiko/OBrien.

Still nothing I've seen so far matches the epic Kirk/Spock/McCoy bromance of TOS
Do you want to turn star trek into Twilight? LOL

I get your point, especially when you referenced Keiko/OBrien from TNG and Voyager. However it is not a fair comparison because Keiko/OBrien had 2 different TV series to grow as a couple.

Spock/uhura have only been in 2 films and their relationship was featured not more or less than 5-10 minutes in both films.

Lastly the S/U relationship is not the main focus of Trek. The Kirk/Bones/Mccoy bromance will always be the centre of Trek. their romantic encounters with women will always be secondary.

As for the whole forbidden love. the teacher-student thing is forbidden enough. Remember when he refused to put her on the Enterprise to avoid the appearance of favouritism?

I also advise you to read star fleet academy: the novel series. (its a book series that takes place before the 2009 film). While the series is not canon. it does shed light on the S/U relationship when she was still his student.

The series also develops the friendship between
kirk/McCoy/Uhura and we also get to see the very first time kirk considered having sex with Galia. (uhura's roommate). Obviously by the 2009 film kirk/galia are already doing the deed.

I actually loved the book series. it just had that college feel to it .... Kirk been the big man on campus was just a plus for me.

I hope we get a new novel this year.
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