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Re: Developments you'd like to see in the NTrekverse

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As well on that point. Hopefully thy'll have broken up Spock and Uhura and put her with Scotty where she should be (thanks to TFF).
That was more out-of-left-field than anything they did with Spock/Uhura. At least with Spock/Uhura, you could point to early TOS and see that there was some chemistry between Nimoy/Nichols.

Do we ever have any evidence that Scott and Uhura were attracted to one another prior to The Final Frontier?

none at all. Both James and Nichelle were pretty much puzzled by that, from what I remember, because there is no hint in tos that these two characters could be more than friends. BUT she said for example that Spock/Uhura was a pair that Roddenberry himself had in mind but it was controversial to explore or even just hint in the 60s.

Anyway there is no relationship to talk about even in "the final frontier". Not even the script mentions a romantic relationship or even a build up for that.
The only hint that she could have romantic feelings for Scotty is a scene where a mentally compromised (thank Sybok) Uhura tried to seduce an unwillingly Scotty (who knew she was a convert and therefore not herself) and they never mentioned it again. The only mention it gets is in the DC comics where they have them say that they're just friends and she hadn't been herself.
I know that some people think that they were already together before that (cue that other scene where she brought him lunch) but if that was true then what she said under Sybok's influence wouldn't make any sense as she explicly stated that before Sybok had made her realize those feelings she had never expressed them (also Scotty's reaction suggests she had never acted that way with him. He had the biggest wtf face when she started to talk) they were friends since so many years and a family so they could be affectionate toward each other as Kirk was when he hugged her after Spock died or how she acted when Spock came back.. but nothing more than that.

as a black female character played by a black actress Uhura had never been allowed to have any hint of on screen romance unless it happened while she was under some influence (like the Kirk/Uhura kiss and the whole Uhura/Scotty thing) so thanks but no thanks. At least the nu!trek relationship between Spock and Uhura is real, reciprocal and the old fashioned free will and "people met and fell in love" that is always better than "I suddenly decided that I love you because a crazy mofo manipulated my feelings".

If that was my thing I'd ship Spock and Leila Kalomi then.
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