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Star Trek: Origins – New “Best of TOS” Blu-ray

From TrekCore:

Here are the Origin episodes of the most significant characters from Star Trek: The Original Series introduced by Rod Roddenberry, son of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry:
The Cage: the pilot that started it all and introduced Captain Pike and Spock.
Where No Man Has Gone Before: the first time Captain Kirk is seen at the helm of the Enterprise.
Space Seed: the debut of super villain, Khan.
Errand of Mercy: the crew's first encounter with the barbaric Klingons.
Trouble with Tribbles: the arrival of the cute, but catastrophic creatures.
Now own and witness the first appearances of these captivating characters that graced the final frontier!
I love this comment:
Moeskido: Looks like another one of those gift items for the Trek fan who's too polite to tell you he already has everything.

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