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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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Spock /Uhura it's not a tragic enough story to be a 'true' romantic story. Two very attractive clever professional powerful people getting together isn't romantic enough for me.

I need some unrequited or forbidden love.
if their romance is easy...

think about it from this perspective: first of all there will always be the fact that while on mission duty comes before their feelings for one another so if one of them goes to a dangerous mission they can't stop each other because they're worried. There could be a day where they have to choose to save their captain instead of their loved one and they might have to watch the one they love be in danger or get severely injured.
The relationship could have been "forbidden" while they were at the academy but still he's always half vulcan and always trying to control his feelings but he couldn't control his feelings for her.
Someone, I think in this thread or another, said that the transport pad scene from the other movie was like the allegoric "coming out" for Spock because he wasn't hiding his feelings (for her and in general) from the world anymore and no one judged him.. (aside from some fans, of course - ironically - but I'm talking about the characters)
but anyway it will never be simple for them.

As for tragic, well they have evidence that in another reality they never got together and I wonder how that make them feel and if it makes them scared for the future.
Though I think it's more tragic for Spock Prime. I wonder if he has regrets about his life not necessarily for a romance with her (but why not? ) but in general because he never allowed himself to feel certain things and be truly happy. I wonder if he regrets not having a family (aside from the crew and his friends) and if he ever feels alone. Watching young Spock with his girlfriend could be a bit painful for him and it could symbolize all the things he lost or never got.

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IF we get T'Pring then it is not an office romance, it's an AFFAIR!

Because he's taken. By Vulcan custom. To another woman.
nope. By Vulcan custom they were both free to date who they wanted and choose who they wanted. Being promised to a little girl when you're a kid doesn't equate having an actual real relationship with someone.
Besides, wasn't Tpring in a relationship with Stonn in the other reality?
At least this Spock, if we go by the last comics, had ended things with her when he went to the academy and before he even met Uhura and he made her free to pair with another if she wanted.
Kirk: So her first name's Nyota?
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