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Re: Angie Harmon: Babe of the Week #27 (July 2013)

Shanndee wrote: View Post
You know, there was a time when I did truly believe that Guy. But I have met some truly amazing men in the last 18 years of my life, and as a result I now expect better from everyone, and when i don't get it I am no longer afraid to voice my displeasure!
It boggles my mind that, this far into the 21st century, people still buy into primitive gender stereotypes-- it boggles my mind even more that some people actual revel in their own negative gender stereotypes, apparently believing that it makes them look kewl and worldly.

teacake wrote: View Post
I'm tired of all the goodness, in my age group I'm looking for worse from everyone. I should elaborate on that so it isn't just my usual flippancy.. everyone is so boring and proper once they start getting kudos from other boring proper people for being boring and proper.
The most interesting people I've ever known have been intelligent and civilized.

As to the fandom cliches, years online didn't talk me into them being a reality, actually meeting a whole lot of fans en masse at cons did.
While the number of thugs and throwbacks in fandom certainly did disillusion me a bit, the intelligent and civilized people far outnumber them.
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