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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

Downloaded - free admission
This is the End - free admission

WOO! Thirty movies in June! Averaged out, one "new to me" movie a day!

Went out to Alamo Slaughter last night for a couple of movies.

First up, the Napster doctumentary Downloaded directed by Alex Winter, who was there in attendence to introduce the movie & participate in a Q&A afterward.

I admit, I didn't use Napster, I didn't see the point to downloadin' music onto a computer then, and I still don't now, when the radio is free and right freakin' there to use. But, I also understand why folks would use that system, and others like it over the years.

The documentary put a human face to the whole piracy issue, and it was informative with a balanced look at both sides of what was happenin'.

Alex Winter was wrappin' up a ten city tour of the movie, and commented that Slaughter was the nicest of the ten theaters, which was good to know.

In his introduction, he said that he started workin' on a dramatized narrative of the Napster story back in '03 or '04, and decided it needed to be a documentary, instead, which he has worked on for quite some time.

In the Q&A afterward, I got to ask the second question, which was if he would still put out the dramatized narrative as a companion piece to the documentary, and mentioned the success of The Social Network and its dramatization of the creation of Facebook. Alex Winter's answer was, "No, not by me, no. That movie will never be made, and I hope that after all these guys have been through, everyone else just leaves them alone." The host made a comment about how, "Yeah, now that you have your movie, right?" Alex Winter went on to say, "Besides, who would be the douche they get to play Sean Parker this time? Justin Beiber?"

Still, a movie well worth watchin', and, as it turns out, ya can buy or rent it to watch online through

After the Q&A, I got Alex Winter to sign my movie ticket.

Followed the documentary up with the stupid stoner comedy This is the End which has Seth Rogan, Jay Burachel, Danny McBride, James Franco, Craig Robinson, & a bunch of other celebrities playin' hyperinsane versions of themselves durin' the Apocalypse. It was actually pretty damn funny, especially Emma Watson & Michael Cera's situations.

If I wake up in time, next movie to see will be Much Ado About Nothing.
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