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Re: Matt Smith's Departure Confirmed.

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I don't see any romance with 11 and Clara
They're definitely hinting at it. Clara loves him (she said as much in the Name of the Doctor prequel clip) but it's not in the "pining after him" sense like with Martha. She also enjoys teasing him because she knows he's attracted to her.

For the Doctor's part, I think it's one of those situations where you love someone and haven't admitted it to yourself yet. He's attracted to her (the end scene of Nightmare in Silver when she leaves the TARDIS confirms this) and he cares about her, but they've been building on it subtly throughout all Clara's episodes that there is something between them. He is very affectionate toward her and has an obsession with her head and face, too. He loves "petting" her.

Will they go there like they did with Rose, though? I'm not sure. They've just done the whole River thing too. So I think it'll be more of what they've been doing going forward into season 8. More funny awkward moments, more of Clara teasing, more of Doctor looking flustered. It'll never be explicitly said between the two of them. Maybe just her saying it in private.
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