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Re: Why didn't they just keep their characters?

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Nick Locarno is a smarmy jackass who tried to cover up his involvement in a crash that killed a teammate and encouraged the rest of Nova Squadron to do the same.

Tom Paris may have also gotten a teammate killed, but he came clean and admitted it. He could have got away scot free, but he confessed to what he did. Locarno would never have done that.
I think that is a bit unfair and too simplified. True, Locarno did try to cover up what had happened. But ultimately he took all the blame and the punishment on himself to protect his team and fellow cadets, sacrificing his own career in the process. And the way the others looked up to him, he did have leadership abilities.
Nick Locarno may not be the best Starfleet has to offer, but labeling him a "smarmy jackass" is totally uncalled for, IMO.

As to the topic of this thread, I always found it to be very strange to have the same actor play the same kind of character who had the same background story (colleague killed, pilot error) but to have us believe its actually NOT THE SAME character This never made any sense to me.

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