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Re: Where are the toys?

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I remember they tried to use the 'Build-A-Bridge' thing with figures from ST-Enterprise- get a figure with a console section, get the entire set and you have a 'full' bridge. Nice idea but stores only seemed to stock the same three figures and no way you could get a complete set unless you hunted online.
The first reboot toys also had the prop toys down scaled for tiny hands - they reminded me of the AMT Exploration Set model kit. If they had made them full scale and accurate like the DS replicas I think they would have sold a lot more, even at higher prices.
IMO, there were multiple problems with the Playmates Star Trek XI line--too many figures at different scales all at once, some customer dissatisfaction, and a general overestimation of how many people were going to buy Star Trek toys in general. In a way, the scarcity of Star Trek XII toys is a result of Trek just not being anywhere near the level of Star Wars, Transformers, and the various Marvel properties, whose toys you can find fairly easily at retail.
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