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Re: Dexter - The Final Season (Spoiler Discussion)

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Flirting? I'm sure the words "So when are you going to #### me?" where used with precision by that delicate ingénue.

Girl needs to eat a cookie. I was too busy counting ribs to admire her pint sized bust.

The brain scoop isn't a trophy.

The killer is obviously a cannibal.

But not because human beat tastes delicious, it's because the daft twat is trying to "eat" and "digest" empathy because s/he read a book aleting them to the fact that they have none, ergo they thought it a good idea to top up.

"Sociopaths don't have emotions so they cannot be angry and do not snap."

If so, then why was Dexter yelling at his kid?
I wonder if the big conclusion is Dexter finding out he isn't a sociopath.
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