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Re: Better if they had allowed main cast to die?

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Don't know about that. In DS9 Eddington stole 4 Industrial Replicators. If they were really that big, they wouldn't be easily transported all together in some transport ship.
You're assuming that industrial replicators are massive boxes that magically create "whatever" inside that box.

1. A parabolic dish. Or a few parabolic dishes, means that you don't need a box the size of a building, you just need 5 or 6 dishes placed evenly apart at an appropriate distance.

2. Power. Lets just assume an industrial replicator needs power specifications of 8 starship warp drives? There's three answers to that question... 8 starships, an independent power source, or plug it into the planetary grid. If you try to plug your kitchen replicator into 8 star ships, there's no "might" about whether it's going to blow up.

3. Replicators don't create matter, they transmute matter from something cheap and useless (for food, I'm assuming biomatter is code for poop.) into a number of simple things/stuffs that can be used for many services/duties/requirements... As has been said a couple times there are some "elements" or wiggy "stuff" (and latinum) that is unreplicatable. Which means after you've set up your industrial replicators to create a billion tons of "X" to do/manifest "Y" you still need close to a billion tons of "Z" to put into the replicator to be transmuted into "X". To ensure uniform results, whatever the frakk "Z" is, it had best be consistently the same "thingy" made up from the same grade/quality of that "thingy".

I mean you'd feel slutted if you found that your thingy had been cut with baby laxatives, and wonder if hat has any impact on you final product?!
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