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Re: Marines and Combat Personel?

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one of the very few things that has ever been clearly stated on screen that (some) Trek fans simply refuse to accept.
When has it been stated that Starfleet isn't a military and which series did it apply to?
Enterprise: the distinction between "the military" and Starfleet, the former referring exclusively to the MACOs

STXI: Scotty taking issue with Starfleet performing an exclusively military mission.

TNG: Picard's exact words "Starfleet is not a military organization. Its purpose is exploration," followed by Riker's statement: "I think it's a waste of effort to test our combat skills. It's a minor province in the make-up of a starship captain.".

DS9 Kira says "I thought starfleet doesn't believe in warships?" to which Sisko replies "Desperate times breed desperate measures, Major."

Voyager is the only one I can't find a reference for, mainly because I detest Voyager and can't watch more than two episodes in week without becoming disoriented.
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