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Re: TNG Caption This! 319: Ready to Roll!

TFTW Leadhead!

Data: The Sheliak are a classification R3 non-humanoid lifeform.
Crowd: ...
Data: As the voluminous 3rd century Neoplatonic scribe Amelius was once heard to exclaim...
Crowd: ...
Data: Greeks shit in the Vardar, and Macedonians drink it.
Crowd: ...
Data: No? Got to go through the whole thing, eh? Ok.
Crowd: ???
Data: Gosheven is soooo fat - he's standing right behind me, isn't he?
Crowd: Ohhhhh <Polite applause>
Data: So these are the Ensigns of Command!
Crowd: <Vociferous applause>
Data: Take my Worf - please!
Crowd: <Goes wild>

Picard: The Breast of Both Worlds.
Bev: No.
Picard: The Vengeance Facial.
Bev: No!
Picard: Encounter at Fur Point.
Bev: Bad Captain!
Picard:.................................ᴮᵒᵒᵇʸ ᵀʳᵃᵖ.
Bev: No, Jean Luc! Down is good! Up is no!

Nuria: Have your people mastered genital shaving? I've got a major hobo camp happening.

Riker: There are three lights! Geez, let it go!

Crusher: Proctology turbo-exam?
Picard: Make it so.

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