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Re: World War Z ratings/spoilers

The Battle of Yonkers remains one of the most asinine descriptions of a military action ever put to paper. It's a perfect storm of every cliched dumb thing the military could do when facing zombies as imagined by someone with zero military experience. How it was written was amusing, but woefully divorced from reality.

I get it, slow zombies are only a threat if everyone is stupid during the initial outbreak and allows it to get out of control. It's a conceit of the genre. If the military went in and curb-stomped the shambling hordes on day one of the outbreak, that wouldn't be much of a zombie story.

Which is why I appreciated the movie changing the zombies into rapid-change, fast-movers. It at least gives the zombies a realistic chance to overwhelm hurriedly prepared positions. Although, I would have really liked to see what some armored cavalry units could do to blunt/divert the onrush and help push them back. Not to mention the impervious main battle tanks dominating everything. I don't care how many zombies crowd together, they ain't lifting a 70+ ton tank, let alone penetrating its armor with their teeth or fingernails. Hollywood has a depressing tendency to just stick Humvees everywhere and call it "the military".
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