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Re: Who is the scariest Star Trek villian?

You know, at first I saw "The Holodeck" and started to chuckle, but then I thought more about it and no matter how much the rest of the villains on that list get dumbed down over and over till they are nothing more than a minor annoyance.. On the other hand the holodeck proved to be a foe they could never fully dumb down, even until the last season of DS9 (they) held crew members in the grip of peril on at least a season by season basis since the early days of TNG.. And we all know that no matter how much holotechnology evolves it will probably always be able to be zapped by some plasma storm, power overload, emerging AI, so on and so on. Just the sheer amount of what seemed like insignificant things that could suddenly cause the holodeck safetys to vanish like clothes at a betazoid wedding and the characters to all suddenly turn to homicidal maniacs.

Truly such longevity of unstoppable threat must make them, the holodecks, the greatest ST villains ever!

And to those who say Q.. Remember he is the savior of the Federation* after all, and the one who truly brought Picard's abilities as a Captain and a human being to heights above and beyond any that he would have achieved with out him.

*You know, since they conveniently forgot about the Borg coming
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