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Re: New Arrested Development! (SPOILERS)

I'm a latecomer to the series, as I started it about a week or so ago. But I was instantly hooked, it didn't take me long to shoot through all four seasons.

I admit season 4 did take a bit to get into. The new format is definitely a huge change of pace, but you know what? I really liked it, sure I missed the cast interaction, but for the story being told, it sure made sense. I mean the only reason the family was sticking together for the first three Seasons was Micheal, and at the beginning of this season he does walk out on them, so they all pretty much go their separate ways. It makes total sense and works.

I'm almost tempted to go back and re watch the whole series again, just so I can pick up on the jokes I may have missed. But I might give it some time to let it feel (relatively) fresh again.
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