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Re: Living witness, Implausible?

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Remember that Voyager got home so fast because they kept making those massive LY jumps.
They sure must have missed a lot.

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Its hard for me to imagine, given the way technolagy works in Star trek, that by the 32 century, the federation hasnt colonized most of the galaxy, if not most of this galactic cluster.

Leaving that aside... Any ideas what kind of welcome the Archive of the doctor, would recieve when he got home?

Reintegration with the doctor himself, perhaps, if hes still online?
Here's my take on it:
I've just come back from reading it. A little confusing in places, but one hell of a story! That's something worth making into an episode, instead of some of the cardboard stories we got.

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The time scale on the episode bothers me a bit, to be honest. 700 years is a LONG time to hold a grudge. The Crusades are still a semi-sore subject in the Middle East but you don't hear people starting a riot over them.
People start riots every day over the Crusades, but they call it something else. And given that the animosities in that region of the world have been continuous for several thousands of years, the Crusades are pretty recent.

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RE: Christopher's point regarding long standing conflicts
There's actually some interesting points along the way in history that I think do give some serious precedents to grudges lasting 700 years in Earth World History.

There's a lot of examples where tribes and nation states had long, long, long standing feuds between or nations who had long standing enemies.

Some great examples to pull from:
- Rome lasted approximately 500 years. It had LOTS of enemies.
- The Crusades (as mentioned earlier in the thread) lasted approximately 300 years between all three Crusades and that figure may or may not even include a lot of the skirmishes that existed for decades after the last set of Crusades (I'd need to do some research to double check myself on this one!) The actions of the Crusades still highly resonate today.
- The Iroquois Indians and Algonquian Indians to this day still consider themselves mortal enemies in many sects. That's a gruge lasting
- The Aztec empire was built, died and rebuilt again lasting conservatively around 350 years and they had enemies out the wazzu (I say conservatively because I think its a bit longer, but thats the best dates I get out of wiki skimming it).
- The Mongol Empire started by Gangis Khan lasted nearly 250 years and one could say between orderly transitions a lot longer.

My point is 700 years, while long, isn't really THAT long in the anals of history.
Rome lasted how long? Considering that historians have accepted 753/752 BCE (BC) as the year of its founding and the Western Empire fell in 476 CE (AD) and the Eastern Empire (aka Byzantine Empire) fell in 1453 CE (AD), that's a hell of a lot longer than 700 years!

And consider the Sunni/Shia problems in the Middle East. That dates to the death of Mohammed, back in the 600s AD. That also is a lot longer than 700 years.

Some people hold grudges for a very long time!
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