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TNG Caption This! 319: Ready to Roll!

Hello everyone, sorry I didn't get this one going before the end of the weekend! I'm at least staying close!

First up to the plate, we have the "Unreliable in Court" Award, going to:

Mojochi wrote: View Post

Worf: Adjust your visor, stop calling Commander Quinteros captain, & remind me to never call you as an eyewitness in a criminal trial
Next, we have the "Bluff Called" Award, going to:

Jonas Grumby wrote: View Post

Data: "Note to self for future reference: 'If you don't like it, you can leave' is not a good command reprimand."
Next, we have the "Enhanced Vision" Award, going to:

Bry_Sinclair wrote: View Post

La Forge: Geez Data, I've got a VISOR and you've got android-vision, there really is no need for the magnifying glass.
Next, we have the "Athletic Performance" Award, going to:

Nerys Myk wrote: View Post

YAR: I thought Picard said he won the Academy Marathon?

TROI: He's probably just pacing himself.

YAR: By writhing on the ground in pain?

Next, we have the "Side Effects Include:" Award, going to:

Holdfast wrote: View Post

CRUSHER (walking unsteadily): I should never have prescribed him that blue tablet.
Our Photoshop Award, goes to:

Triskelion wrote: View Post

Second officer's log, supplemental: inertial dampeners, then engage.

JirinPanthosa wrote: View Post

DATA: Captain's log. I have successfully improved ship's efficiency. My analysis has shown that all efficiency problems stem from human error, therefore I have eliminated all humans. With all ship's operations wired into my positronic matrix, I project now that efficiency of ship's operations will increase by 37%.

R. Star wrote: View Post

Worf: Dictating the captain's log again, huh?
Congratulations to our winners and many thanks to everyone who participated!

Now, we're starting to see some Blu-Ray caps from Season 3, so lets get them into the contest!

Many thanks to Nerys Myk for my awesome avatar!

Check out the Caption contests in the TOS, TNG and Movies I-X forums!
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