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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

In which case you don't care about spoilers?

Alex Power, the eldest member of Power Pack, a current student at the Future Foundation, is working for Doctor Doom.

My childhood feels so raped.

Of course two pages later when Doom drags Alex down to Castle Doom's Dungeon by his ankle to the cage where he's keeping Ma and Pa Power, and then Doom says "You will do what I say without question" and Alex capitulates with a whiperish "Yes." which clearly isn't good enough, as Doom implies that he wants the Master of Gravity to say "Yes Master."

Remember when this kid was so guilty because he kept "borrowing" the fire extinguishers in the apartment block so that he could fly instead of float when they went out on patrol?

Now look at him! Alex Power: Vassal of DOOM.

Actually, this is a good rape, my childhood kinda likes it.
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