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Re: Dr. Strange-- discussion, casting, rumors ect;

Strange's origin is about a crippled Surgeon. So you're talking about 30, maybe 35 for Strange to become the greatest most famous surgeon in the universe before his accident.

have they made the story yet where the Ancient One drove Strange's car off the road?

(It's only a matter of time.)

The rewrite on Dr Doom at the moment (since last week.) is that the monks on the mountain who trained/built Dooms first Armour, were actually the Council of Cross-Time Doctor Dooms. I mention this because there was a what if (Comics about mirror universes where everything is "slightly" different.) in the 80s that said that these Monks and the Ancient One lived on the same mountain and that with just a little bad weather that Stephen could have wound up with the Monks and Victor could have found himself at the feet of the Ancient One.

When "schools" are that close, they usually "share" social events like sock hops and ski trips... Although every day on that mountain was a ski trip... But can you imagine Doom and Strange dancing cheek to cheek while DJ Mordo is playing his Sinatra collection?
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