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Re: Angie Harmon: Babe of the Week #27 (July 2013)

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Too young is half your age plus 6.
Sadly, that formula still makes her well past "legal."

But if she looks like Angie, I don't care.
That formula is not for "legal", it's for "moral".

The complaints against against Yoda, founded or baseless, I really haven't been paying attention, have been about all the other threads where it's been claimed that he has thumbs upped for only women who are 19 or younger and for women like Angie, "20 or above", they have gotten and will always get a thumbs down because they're too damn old.

Yoda's first comment on this thread was...

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Her husband provides a nice parallel. He last managed to be relevant as a football player a decade ago, which is probably around the same time Angie Harmon was relevant as a babe.
One can surmise for that, if he was likly to vote in this thread, that it probably would have been a thumbs down or a thumbs sideways.

There isn't a (n urban dictionary) sociological equation for figuring out if someone is too old for you, but logically it should be twice your minus 7... Which means that I personaly wouldn't have to be ashamed for dating a 65 year old... However by these same rules, I'm a year and a half too young for a 65 year old woman to feel morally safe with shtupping me.

Martha Stewart is 73, gorgeous and looooooooooooooaded.
"Glitter is the herpes of arts and craft."

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