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I think you misunderstand the point of this reboot. Kirk and Spock are Star Trek. What exactly would be the point of bringing them back if you're simply turning them into Picard and Data?

I think you're taking what you wanted the movie to be and deciding that was the motive of making it. Nowhere do I remember them talking about taking elements from the other series other than as nods to those fans. I also love how a show that talked about revenge, rape and destruction of entire worlds somehow wasn't mature. It was every bit as mature as any of its offspring.
I liked ST 09 and it had far more maturity and depth than STID had.

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So.... you don't want it to make money...
It would make half the money, but if you halved the budget then Paramount would still be getting the same proportion of returns from its investment. You half the budget by trimming down the special effects, being far more careful and measured with the action scenes and cutting down on a bloated advertisement and promotion budget.

But with JJ's approach, the next Star Trek movies will still make as much money as STID. But by that time the franchise will be all but unrecognisable, for me anyway STID sets a very ominous tone for future Star Trek movies. All I can say is this; it will become really obvious when (and if) the third movie arrives.

That's why I hope STID is the last Star Trek movie for some time, the franchise either needs to take a long breather of several years or it spawns a new series. The nuTrek characters just would not work in a series format, again it is pretty obvious why, so we would need a new setting and a new crew. But now it's about the money and new ST movies are the best way to milk this franchise.
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