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STID cranks the emotion factor to 11
Which is why some of us had such a great time watching it! I wish "Nemesis" had had an emotion factor of 11. They killed off my favourite character and yet I shed not one tear.
Wow! That was one of those ocassions were a movie nearly did make me cry, I have never actually cried while watching a movie but when I watched Nemesis for the first time, I couldn't believe when they killed Data!

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I rarely go the cinema, and nearly all the films I watch are at least seven or more years old
Ah, so perhaps this film was not made with you in mind?

You are no longer part of the cinema-going public, but it looks like JJ was partly successful because you did venture out for this film!

If I hear about a movie that intrigues me, no way am I waiting seven years before picking it up on DVD.
I do not wait around seven years to pick up an intriguing movie for DVD. What I'm trying to say is that my DVD collection rarely contains movies which are rather new or recent. It's like a spectrum from the seventies all the way up to the mid 2000s.

Having read some reviews of STID before the movie (I've never been all that concerned with spoilers) I thought I knew what to expect. Everything was praising this movie and saying how better it was compared with the Star Trek 09 movie, so I thought I would be in for a real treat. When they said there was a great villain and much more moral complexities and stuff, I really did think that STID was a return to form of modern Trek albeit with a bit more pace, more action and more soapy moments.

The beginning made me feel right at home,but afterwards it just went downhill, the first half had some promise but it never really delivered and when STID started exhibiting the signs of what poor movies do: flaky plot, poor characterization, bad pacing, OTT drama, a lack of cinematography, plot points that go no where, and lastly cheap shots of flesh. I was left wondering what the critics and everyone else found so good about this movie. It's like the reverse of everyone trashing the film and to your surprise it's actually pretty good, with STID it was the reverse.
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