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I felt disappointed with the Sil make-up design. No, I don't mean the "actor's body hidden within a box" approach, I'll give them credit for that. At least they made the box interesting by making it appear to be a tank filled with fluid.
I used to think that it was an illusion too, that the appearance of an open space between Sil's platform and the tank below was some elaborate mirror illusion. But in fact there was no trickery. The actor, Nabil Shaban, has osteogenesis imperfecta and apparently has only tiny, vestigial legs, which were inside the tail of the costume. Essentially Sil was designed around his unusual proportions.

No, I mean the way they handled his face. It was just sad, absolutely no attempt to "blend" his features with the headpiece.
True, that wasn't very successful.

If that character, or another of his species returned, that would be one design I certainly would not mind being altered and updated.
Sil returned the following season in "Mindwarp," also by Philip Martin. His makeup was, in fact, redesigned to blend his face in better, adding frills around it to hide the seam. They also changed his color from brown to green. We also saw another Mentor (Sil's species), played by the 5-foot-tall but otherwise normally proportioned Christopher Ryan, who's also played Sontarans in the revival series.
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